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Edamame Beans with Sea Salt £5

 Kale Avocado Fries with Caesar Dressing £9 

Chicken Yakitori £10

Crispy Squid with Caramelized Lime, Coriander, Spring Onion and Chilli £11

Pulled Pork Sliders with BBQ Sauce £12

Dim Sum £8

Beef Empanadas with Hot Sauce £9

Artisan Charcuterie Board £14

Vodka Cod Bites, Chorizo Rosemary Crumble £15

Vegan Board £15

Grilled Bavette Chimichurri with Artichoke £15

Korean Spicy Lamb Cutlets with Slow £18

Grilled Meat Board Selection £35

Guests with allergies and intolerances should inform a member of the team.
All prices are in sterling and include VAT.
A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill.